PxP Festival 2018 #1HEIT

In 2018 instead of organizing the PxP Festival, the Berlin Senate invited PxP’s founders along with Björn Döring to produce and curate #1HEIT – The Concert, the closing event for the annual Day of German Unity Festival at Brandenburg Gate. This finale concert honored everyday heroes of social justice and highlighted the unifying power of music, all under the banner of #NurMitEuch (Only With You). 

Over 200 partners and organizations from the cultural, political, sports, and business industries worked together to make the celebration happen. The concert featured Beyond Borders ALLSTARS featuring artists including Samy Deluxe, Nena, Philipp Poisel, Patrice, Namika, Teddy Teclebrhan, Meute, Daniel Müller Schott, the Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra, and more. PxP had the chance to spread its message of peace and togetherness throughout the day with an in-person audience of 500,000—plus millions more tuning in to the live tv broadcast.

In addition to curating the concert, in cooperation with Valerio Girardi, PxP’s founders were able to win over the internationally renowned street artist JR to stage an installation at Brandenburg Gate, specifically created for the festival. JR created a photo collage over 25 meters high and 2.5 kilometers long, which fed into a 2.5 kilometer-long mural made of historical images from November 10, 1989 and the names of each of Germany’s 11,040 municipalities.



#1HEIT Teaser Trailer