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Since the beginning, Music has been our driving force, our amplifier, our tailwind, our harbor, our translator, our bridge … our beacon of hope. PxP Music is our label and, similar to the PxP Festival, raises awareness and support for our children‘s education projects.

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BUNT! Lieder vom Verschiedensein und Zusammenhalten

In Kooperation mit BMG haben wir, PxP, ein Kinderalbum aufgenommen, kuratiert von Teddy und Fetsum: BUNT! Lieder vom Verschiedensein und Zusammenhalten

Die Erlöse des Albums fließen in Kinderbildungsprojekte zum Thema #FutureSkills

Also holt euch das Album ab dem 17. März 2023!

Warum #bunt?🌈 Die Natur ist #bunt, das Universum ist #bunt – und da wir Teil der Natur und des Universums sind, wollen wir den Kindern und der nächsten Generation vermitteln, dass #bunt sein nicht nur ok ist, sondern auch Teil unserer DNA! 🧬

„Bunt!” ist ein Projekt der Bertelsmann-Firmen cbj/ Penguin Junior und cbj audio aus der Verlagsgruppe Penguin Random House GmbH und dem Musikunternehmen BMG, das ein Zeichen für Diversität und Toleranz und gegenRassismus und Ausgrenzung setzen möchte.

















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Turista Per Sempre

Turista Per Sempre are a trio made up of multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer Matteo Capreoli; drummer and vocalist Benny Glass & his bass playing and culinary genius of a brother, Joscha. All three are based in Berlin, Germany and make dreamy, hopelessly romantic multilingual love songs that tell tales of the ironies of life.

In the summer of 2020, finding themselves with very little to occupy their time during lockdown, the three friends made the decision to work on a new reggae project together. Sadly, said project was never to materialize as Matteo unfortunately had a serious car accident that July. Despite slipping into a coma, he thankfully went on to make a full recovery and was able to return to Italy some months later.

The combined events of the pandemic, lockdown and the accident took their toll, but in a positive way in the end. Realising that life is too short not to spend it making the music you want with great friends, they did just that. Benny and Joscha found a travel window and headed to Italy, where Matteo was staying, in March of this year.

The three met in Porto Selvaggio in Southern Italy – one of the country’s most stunning natural reserves and one of its best kept secrets. They began their project with complete openness and a sense of commensurateness that only comes with long standing, honest relationships. The basis of the project being their friendship and all that it entailed, from cooking to humour and not only their love of music. They simply played together and let things flow naturally. It was the first time in many years that they had all been in one room playing music, and the result was the Amore Fantastique EP with all songs based on a single take without a click track.


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