PxP and Viva con Agua

Water & Sanitation Program in Uganda

PxP Embassy joined forces with Viva con Agua and Watoto Wasoka for the Football 4 WASH Program—an innovative approach to sensitization learning in Uganda’s Kampala District. Football 4 WASH, utilizes the power of the world’s most popular sport to tackle the world’s biggest community issues: WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene).

Access to safe water and adequate sanitation is a basic human right and an essential first step to protect health and socioeconomic development. According to Water Aid Uganda, 9.3 million people in the country do not have access to safe water, and around 26,000 children die every year from water-borne diseases. Changing this situation is critical to save lives.

What is it?

The Football 4 WASH Program trained 100 teachers and coaches to educate children (aged 8-14) from 50 participating schools and community teams throughout the year. Exciting football drills and games explained the various messages of WASH, teaching proper hygiene, toilet use, and the importance of protecting water sources.

As a result, 5,000 girls and boys participated directly, and an estimated 10,000 children were indirectly reached through posters and word of mouth. At the end of the programme, the schools received water filters, handwashing facilities, boreholes, water tanks, and toilets depending on a school’s individual WASH needs.

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