Kids Kreate the Future

A critical-thinking workshop

What do the streets of the future look like? PxP partnered with Volkswagen WE and the Berliner Ideenlabor to develop a critical-thinking workshop for children ages 10-16.

In November 2018, the partnership between PxP Embassy, Volkswagen WE, and the Berlin Ideenlabor culminated in a two-week workshop for 35 kids from around Berlin called Kids Kreate the Future.


Hosted in an empathic and playful environment, the students gained experience in the growing field of Design Thinking. They were challenged to brainstorm, think critically, and problem-solve while working in teams.

Ultimately, the students were asked to present their ideas as a means to build creative self-confidence. The methodologies the students learned during the workshop can be applied to their schoolwork, to their preparations for further education and vocational training, as well as to their everyday lives.

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