Empowering a Peaceful World Through Equal Opportunities

PxP Embassy is dedicated to creating a peaceful world through equality of opportunity for all children. It is our response to today’s disparities in the education system, especially affecting children from historically marginalized communities, and underprivileged families.

Our focus is on equity in education, particularly the promotion of Future Skills.
What sets us apart? We engage children and young people through the topics they naturally enjoy: music, sports, and gaming.

The Embassy is where our mission of empowering children with Future Skills as part of building a truly inclusive society becomes a reality.

PxP Programs

We run programs where we directly engage and teach young people Future Skills – already today. We have executed multiple projects, connecting kids with enterprises to inspire future perspectives.

Two ongoing initiatives that you can support are the “Future Goals” Initiative with Patron and Co-Initiator Sami Khedira and “Music Coding”.

Future Goals

The Future Goals program uses football to support boys and young men, especially those with migrant backgrounds, who face significant challenges today, by teaching them valuable skills for both sports and careers.

Collaborating with youth, coaches, and clubs, we aim to establish a scalable “Teach the Trainer” model that focuses on enhancing Future Skills.

We kick off two pilot projects in Stuttgart and Berlin, with World Champion Sami Khedira as patron for the Stuttgart team and expand into the USA with our patron Tim Howard to celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2026™.

Music Coding

We develop a web-based program that introduces young people to the basics of coding through music production.

At the beginning, the focus is on two core curricula: the ‘Basic Course on Song Programming’ and the course ‘Promoting Equality through Beats and Coding’.
Involving young people in the conceptual phase ensures that the program is engaging and effective.


If you are interested to know more or to co-develop a program, please get in touch: hello@pxp.one

Past projects

Teddy, the teacher

Teddy has developed & teaches a class “future skills” at the Paul-Löbe School in Berlin-Reinickendorf and invites partners from music, sport, design and gaming to inspire future careers.

Game. Set. Match.

As charity partner of the Bett1 Open, PxP opened the tournament with the PxP ONE VOICES Choir and organized workshops combining healthy minds and healthy bodies, empowering 1,000 children with Future Skills.

ReDi Kids

PxP Embassy and the ReDI School of Digital Integration partnered up to offer multiple digital futures programs for a total of 140 students, ages 8 to 16. The course content ranged from coding and 3D printing to creative self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

PxP Awareness: Advocacy for Educational Reform

While we continue to make direct impacts through our own programs, our overall goal is to raise awareness about the crucial issue of education. We are committed to advocating for a comprehensive educational reform in Germany.

As part of this effort, we organize the PxP Festival in collaboration with educational initiatives. This festival serves as a beacon for making the educational landscape in Germany future-proof and equitable.

PxP Festival

Thousands of people gathered in Berlin in 2023 to explore how we can make education in Germany future-proof. 70 educational initiatives and a total of 120 speakers discussed the current state, offered solutions, and celebrated with outstanding live musical performances.

Thanks to our partners from: #wirfürschule, Helga Breuninger Stiftung, Education Innovation Lab, Teach First Deutschland and SV-Bildungswerk.

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Future Skills Alliance

We are co-initiators of the Future Skills Alliance.

Our mission is clear: We want to establish a high-performance ecosystem by promoting future skills.We are committed to making lifelong learning accessible and meaningful for everyone, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in and shape society.

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The PxP impact

The meaning of PxP

PxP stands for “Peace by Peace,” symbolizing our belief in the gradual, yet profound impact of collective efforts towards peace. We believe that peace can only arise from peace. The name can also be interpreted as “Piece by Piece,” reflecting our approach of fostering peace incrementally, one step at a time.

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