About us

Our Journey

In 2015 at the height of the migration crisis, we felt a call to action to help children who, like us, had fled war to make a home in a new country. In response, we founded the PxP (Peace-by-Peace) Embassy: a creative and educational organization that empowers children with the future skills they need to build a brighter tomorrow.

Our Challenge

Instability—whether environmental, social, or political—is a global issue that ultimately connects us all. How do we help the most vulnerable among us thrive? It is our responsibility to equip the next generation for life in the 21st Century, and they need new skills: future skills.

Our Approach

PxP’s formula for action is inform, engage, inspire. We apply this dynamic approach to activities in two key areas: the PxP Festival, the community project that started it all, and the PxP Embassy, our educational arm.

Our projects

PxP Festival

The annual PxP Festival is the cornerstone of our work. A celebration of inclusivity and togetherness, our all-star music festival raises awareness about our mission along with funds that fuel our ongoing programs with children.


PxP Embassy

PxP Embassy is where our mission of empowering children becomes a reality through our Lab, Academy, and Coalition. The Lab features workshops where children get to experiment with cutting-edge technologies alongside leading professionals from our strategic partner organizations. The Academy is a free digital platform that offers creative and educational programs specifically designed to develop children’s future skills. Through the Coalition we team up with on-the-ground initiatives, in Germany and around the world.


Our Founders

Fetsum Sebhat

Fetsum Sebhat is a musician, social activist, and co-founder of the PxP Embassy. He fled to Germany as a young child with his parents who were Freedom Fighters in Eritrea. However, a more influential memory from his childhood is the importance of music as a universal language and its ability to bring people together. Fetsum has released two albums to critical acclaim: Light in a Dark Place (2016) and The Colors of Hope (2012). His single “Waitin’ For You” was applauded by the BBC, KCRW, and NPR, and he received a gold disc for his collaboration with Max Herre on the song “Freedom Time” from the album Hallo Welt.

In 2016, Fetsum published a book of conversations in collaboration with German Bundestag Vice President, Claudia Roth, “So geht Deutschland–Eine Anstiftung zum Mitmachen und Einmischen” (This is How Germany Works–An invitation to join in and get involved). That same year, Berlin Mayor, Michael Müller, awarded Fetsum the Order of Merit of the State of Berlin for his civic engagement.

Our parents fought for freedom so we could be free to fight for peace.

Teddy Tewelde

Teddy Tewelde is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the PxP Embassy. Teddy was born to parents fighting for freedom in Eritrea and fled to Germany as a young child. He credits his ability to integrate to the welcoming locals who helped him feel at home in a new community – so there was no doubt that he wanted to pay it forward.

Teddy attended Gothenburg University’s School of Business, Economics, and Law, and in 2008, he left behind a corporate career to build Shusta, a fashion footwear brand in Berlin. After 8 years as Shusta’s business development and general manager, he co-founded the PxP Embassy with childhood friend, Fetsum Sebhat.

Using his background in finance and economics, Teddy fine-tunes the creative mechanics of PxP’s operations, in-house and in the field. He ensures that PxP can make a positive impact in the lives of as many children as possible.



Order of Merit of the State of Berlin for Civic Engagement


LEA – Life Entertainment Award for Social Engagement


Preis für Popkultur for Applied Pop Culture


ECHO Music Prize for Social Engagement